A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden

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Chapters Include:

Herbal Crafts
Herbal Cleaning
Herbs and Spices
True Teas
Preserving Your Harvest
Indoor Plants
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A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden: Enhancing Your Life Through Natural Botanicals. By Amber Royer.  144 Page Book, Perfect-Bound Softcover 8”x8” — Published by Golden Tip Press. $20. E-book version, $10.  Available soon on Amazon.

This book collects all of Amber Royer’s favorite things about herbs and other plants into one convienant volume.  Like a beautiful patchwork quilt, the chaptors create a pattern of possibilities for how to use botanicals in your daily life.

Have you become interested in a more simple, natural lifestyle?  Elxplore the opportunities for adding nature to you days when you take A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden.  There’s a chapter that will help you put together a natural cleaning kit for your home, and one that will give you a taste of cooking with herbal and floral ingredients.  More interested in crafting or creating jewelry or crafts from plants?  There are chapters that introduce that too.

Amber, a librarian by degree, loves the history behind heral crafts and recipes (especially in the time period when herb gardens went from the monasteries to the manor homes in Europe).  Botanicals can bring a connection to the past — but at the same time bring an element of beauty and elegance into modern life.  It is right on trend with information about aromatherapy and tea.

And, of course, the book touches on live plants, with their oxygen-giving colors and beauty.  Even if you only have a small amount of space, Amber will show you how a houseplant or a terrarium can bring a bit of joy into your day.

So we hope you take a little time out of your day for a stroll.  Take A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden, where you can smell — and eat — the roses.


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