Dandylyon’s Garden is a joint venture between husband and wife team Jake and Amber Royer. The two have been married for over 20 years and have been gardening together for just as long. They use their business to share gardening, cooking, herbal cleaning, and crafting education. They further this end by selling publications from their micropress, Golden Tip Press. The Royers chose this name because of their love of tea, as premium tea leaves are referred to as having “golden tips,” and they strive to provide only the best information. They co-authored their first cookbook, There are Herbs in My Chocolate!, in 2013.  You can show your support for the educational work by patronizing their Etsy Store, where you can find herbal crafts, vintage jewelry, fashion accessories and gifts.

About Amber:

IMG_9436Amber Royer is a degreed librarian turned freelance writer/teacher/herbal craft artisan.  She is a regular columnist for the Dave’s Garden on-line gardening community, and she teaches cooking and writing classes for The University of Texas at Arlington.  She has lectured about tea, gardening and cooking with herbs aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ships, as well as in other venues as diverse as herb festivals to PTA groups.  She has collected all her favorite things about plants into her e-book, A Walk Through Dandylyon’s Garden: Enhancing Your Life Through Natural Botanicals.  She spent four years as a youth librarian (during part of which she ran a teen creative arts center), and has had several articles relating to botanicals published in children’s magazines. Before the libraries, she also held a number of other creative jobs, such as a graphic specialist for Kinko’s, and has had a short story published and a play produced.

About Jacob:

Jake AboutJacob Royer works for a Civil Engineering firm, Pettit Barraza, where he deals, among other things, with grading and water movement.  As a gardener, he focuses on herbs and citrus, and he also dabbles in garden railroading. He answers gardening questions in person, and on his blog. He also teaches continuing education classes for The Uinversity of Texas at Arlington. As an artist, his favorite materials are copper, glass, wool, and his digital camera.  He has recently started work on a series of Steampunk jewelry using reclaimed copper.

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