There Are Herbs in My Chocolate

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Herbs in My Chocolate Cover
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There are Herbs in My Chocolate. By Amber Royer and Jacob Royer.  144 Page Book, Perfect Bound Softcover 8″x8″ — Published by Golden Tip Press. $20.  Available on Amazon.

This is the first cookbook from husband and wife team Jake and Amber Royer.  They’ve added herbal flavor to traditional  recipes both sweet and savory to create delightful flavors.

Are there herbs in your chocolate? If not, you need this book. There Are Herbs In My Chocolate is our collection of thirty-five recipes that blend milk, dark, or white chocolate with a different herb or combination of herbs.

It may seem strange, but before mass market chocolate, even before Europeans first added sugar to chocolate, it was flavored mostly with herbs and spices (and the occasional drop of honey).  So the new chocolate bars coming out that feature them are both an innovation and a respectful nod to history.

While those early chocolate conisoures consumed thier chocolate in beverage form (the word chocolate ultimately comes from the “chuh, chuh” sound a chocolate drink made when being poured from cup to cup), we have included recipes for all sorts of chocolaty foods.  Whether you prefer your chocolate fix in the form of ice cream, brownies or show-stopping souffles, you will find something in this book.

We hope this sleek collection will spark your own creativity as you look at the gorgeous photographs and try out some of the recipes. We have designed the book to help you see how versatile chocolate can be and how beautifully it pairs with herbs. As you discover what flavors you really love, and a little bit about where they came from, you can become more personally involved in what you choose to eat. You will be able to create showstopping chocolate creations appropriate for any occasion.  You may even start experimenting with your own combinations of herbs, applying them to chocolate techniques that you have mastered. This book is, at its heart about directions and inspirations. We hope that reading it inspires you as much as writing it has inspired us.

Recipes Include: Lemon Verbena Creme Brulee (with bittersweet chocolate) Lavender Chocolate Madelines, and Cardamom Pistachio Chocolate Bark (with white and dark chocolate).

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