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Amber Royer conducts the majority of our lectures and classes. She is a degreed librarian with experience addressing both youth and adult audiences. She currently teaches continuing education classes for the University of Texas at Arlington. She can also bring her dynamic style and focus on the teaching moment to your class or group. Jacob Royer is available to cover fiber arts and glass working. Contact us if you need something set up in that area.  Our schedule of currently booked events and classes can be found here.

Lectures — $150 each One hour, including a PowerPoint presentation (you provide the projector) and handouts for up to 30 participants. I bring “show-and-tell” items to enhance participant understanding of the topic. If practical, two or three sealed samples will be provided for tasting.

Herbs and Chocolate – Participants will learn methods of combining herbs with chocolate and learn how to make the most of traditional herbal flavor combinations in the realm of sweets. The handout is a page of three bonus recipes not already available in There Are Herbs in My Chocolate. (This lecture can also be done as a hands-on class where participants cooperate to make the three recipes).

A Taste For Chocolate – Participants will learn the history of chocolate from the time of the Aztecs to today, then they will learn how chocolate goes from a bitter bean to a smooth, sweet bar. The handout is a page of five recipes for classic chocolate preparations.

Tea Party Planner – Participants will learn the etiquette behind serving tea, how to brew a perfect cup, and how to prepare a traditional tea party menu and a contemporary one. The handout is a planning outline.

Tea Tasting Planner – Participants will learn how to pair tea with foods, especially chocolate and cheeses. We will discuss the differences in flavor in teas grown in different areas and at different times of year. The handout is a listing of tea-tasting terms.

Tea Etiquette for Children – Participants will learn how to behave in a formal setting, how to be a polite guest, and etiquette specific to tea parties. The handout will be a child-friendly list of reminders.

Making Your Own Herbal Cleaning Supplies – Participants will learn how to use natural ingredients to clean every room of their home. The lecture highlights different natural ingredients and explains how they achieve their germ and dirt busting power. The handout is a list of three product recipes. (I also have a variation on this presentation where all the cleaning supplies involve lavender. This lecture can also be done as a hands-on class.)

Keep it Fresh – Participants will learn how easy it is to grow their own herbs and how to use them when cooking to replace excess salt or fat. The handout is a sample menu for a fresh-herb dinner party.

Hands-On Classes — $175 for up to 10 participants (or split fees if each participant will be charged) Includes a 20-30 minute lecture, followed by a half hour craft or cooking project. Allow a little extra time for clean-up. Classes marked *** could get messy and are best preformed outside.

Canning Herbal Jams and Jellies – Participants will learn how to infuse herbs and spices into standard canning recipes. The lecture portion will concentrate on safe canning practices, and for the activity, seasonally appropriate herbs and spices will be infused into an apple based “freezer” jelly. (Requires plugging in a portable burner. If additional time is allotted, the jelly can be canned.)

Lovely Lavender – Participants will learn how lavender has been used throughout history, from keeping dowry linens safe from moths, to becoming Queen Victoria’s obsession, to modern spas. Then they will make a lavender spindle. (This class available June and July only. The rest of the year, it can be done as a lecture.)

Flower Talk and other Victorian Communication – Participants will learn about the Victorian language of flowers, and the complicated etiquette in Victorian letter writing. Then they will choose silk flowers that mean something to them to create a small Victorian-style bouquet. (This class can be done using fresh flowers, ferns, etc. for an additional fee).

Herbal Papermaking*** — Participants will learn a little about the history of papermaking and books, then move onto the basics of the papermaking process, including adding flower petals and other herbal inclusions. They will then make 2 or 3 sheets of paper, which will need somewhere to dry overnight. I have mortars and deckles for 10 participants. (This workshop only available from April through September.)

Flower Pounding – Participants will learn the technique behind using a hammer to transfer the pigment from botanical materials (flowers and leaves) onto fabric or paper. They will then create either a greeting card or an art handkerchief. (This project is loud, so please plan the class at a time or in a space that will not disturb others.)

Don’t Throw That Away! – Participants will learn how to blend potpourri and techniques for drying natural materials. They will also learn how to choose which kitchen scraps and garden prunings can be used as a base for potpourri. They will then use a variety of materials to blend a “wet” potpourri which they can cure at home in a small paper bag.

Dying Fiber with Herbs and Vegetables *** – Participants will learn about the wide variety of plant materials that can be used to create pleasing shades of cloth or yarn. Participants will also cooperate to assemble two dye baths and dye a length of yarn their desired color. They will be taking home wet yarn in a plastic bag, and, as dyes by definition stain, should wear appropriate clothing. This class can also be done as a demo, where participants do not touch the dyes.

Gardening Journals and Seed Saving — Participants will learn how keeping information from year to year can help improve results when gardening, and will also learn the basics of seed saving. Then they will hand-cover a gardening journal with cloth and decorate it with stamping and scrapbooking techniques.

Pricing is negotiable for libraries. We also available for book signings.  We are located in the middle of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex inTexas, but would be willing to travel outside the area for a minimum half-day worth of programming. Travel expenses are negotiable.

Send us a booking request!  

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