You Can Can With Herbs

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You Can Can With Herbs. By Amber Royer and Jacob Royer.  144 Page Book, Perfect-Bound Softcover 8”x8” — Published by Golden Tip Press. $20.  Available on Amazon.

This will be the second cookbook from husband and wife team Jake and Amber Royer.  Now, they’re updating traditional and global canning recipes by adding herbal flavors.

Have you become interested in the traditional art of canning?  Whether you are just getting a taste for it, or you want to add a twist to your traditional favorites, You Can Can With Herbs.  The 35 recipes included in this collection will show how herbs and herb blends from around the globe can be used to add a depth of flavor to your home-canned foods.

We will cover the sweet and the salty, from marmalade and preserves to Indian-style pickles and down-home relishes.  There is even a chapter on boozy concoctions.  We hope the gorgeous photographs will speak to your own creativity, as you use the charts in the front of the book to create your own variations using local fruits as they come into season.

There is nothing more satisfying to us than opening a jar of lavender scented strawberry jam in the middle of winter and spreading the memory of a shared summer onto split scones to enjoy with a cup of tea.  It is a reminder that, even if there is ice on our van’s windshield, there is always the assurance that summer will come again.

Food speaks to us in many ways, none of them strongly than that which we have prepared and preserved ourselves — or recieved as a gift from a friend who prepared it specifically for us.  These recipes give the depth of flavor demanded by today’s foodie palate, but are simple enough for even novice canners to accomplish.

Recipes include:  Basil Cinnamon Apples, Leomons Preserved with Rosemary, and Lemon Balm and Thyme Cherry Jam.

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